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Fred Belcastro


My name is Fred Belcastro and I've been in financial services for over 60 years as a Certified Financial Planner and recently as a Retirement Income Certified Professional with the American College of Financial Services.

I started my career licensed only in life and health insurance, then after a few years the full gamut of investments. Eventually I acheived the Series 6, 7, 63, 65 and 24 certifications. I became a Registered Investment Advisor and hosted a Money Talk radio show on 1530 AM. Then I spent the rest of my career on Wall Street with Merrill Lynch as a broker.

Now my wife Mary Ann and I look back at our careers chasing monetary goals and we have come to learn the real important things in our lives should be the love of family and friends and the terribly important need to share and support the freedoms and dignity of each other.

I specialize in helping aging seniors and their families resolve the challenging financial issues they may face now or in the future. Instead of starting out with financial products as a first step, I strive to uncover all the underlying issues. Once I have a clear picture of your particular situation, I use a solution-based approach to help you resolve those issues. This may involve not only restructuring your current financial situation, but also finding sources of additional money for you such as veterans benefits, reverse mortgage, life settlements and government programs.

In addition to helping you with financial challenges, I work closely with other members of our planning Council to make sure that you not only have my assistance, but that your other issues such as preparation of legal documents, family caregiver challenges, government funding options and other sources of income are addressed as well.

You can reach me at: (630) 673-4360 or go to the Contact page and submit a request.

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